Techniques For Playing Badminton Doubles

Badminton doubles techniques are important to know and practice because in the game of badminton you will find that when playing doubles the pace is much quicker, more intense and demands more upon a player than in the singles play.  It is a requirement to be in very good shape mentally and physically, ready to anticipate every move.

doubles techniques

You will find that your hand and eye coordination and dexterity are detrimental in learning to play doubles.  Your reaction time is decreased as the shuttlecock is volleyed back and forth between teams.

There are three types of double gameplay:  men’s, women’s and mixed.

There are several badminton doubles techniques to take into consideration when trying to win the game.

The court’s layout is important to understand.  There are several lines in the playing area to be aware of.  Near the net is the short service line and the long service line is the line along the edge of the court.  The sidelines for a double game would be the lengthwise line on the ends.

To divide the service courts there is a centerline as well.


When using the 21-point scoring system you will have the player on the right side serve first.  There is no such thing as second servers in doubles.  The two players on the team will take turns servicing the shuttle.


Another badminton doubles technique is the rotation, which is the coordination you will use as you play together, making yourselves aware of each other’s presence so as not to have a train wreck.

When smashing and dropping the shuttle, for instance, one player should be in the front while the other is in the back so you can successfully volley the answered shot.

If one of the partners serves high or shoots a clear shot than the players should form the side-by-side formation on the court; this is the attacking formation.

The defensive formation will have the left-hand player shooting forehand and backhand plays and the right-hand player will shoot forehand.

The Attack:

It can be accomplished with these badminton doubles tips and a soft towel grips.  You will want to always send the shuttlecock downward with a smash or a drop shot badminton by utilizing pushes and drives.

Be vigilant with your badminton doubles techniques and for the attack upon the opposition to avoid the clear.  The clear is only used if a player isn’t in proper position and the other team is close to the net.

When your smash is returned then you need to block and sent the shuttle just past the net.

Doubles Play is defined differently depending on the players.  Men will concentrate on the attack and pace of the game while mixed the opening shot is important and the pace is varied.

Usually, a front to back positioning is best for attacking purposes.

Badminton doubles techniques should always include the following general badminton tips.  Make sure the shuttle is flat and flows tightly to the net with a push and keep your racket upwards when near the net yourself.

For even better play, if you can manage a small chop or slice as you send the shuttle over the net that would be best.  For instance, when you chop it shuttle flies faster and deeper that doesn’t allow your opponent much time to recover and return the play.

Always be aware of the others on the court and attack and anticipate and you should have a very successful game.

What Are Plastic Toilet Seats Made Of?



Toilet seats are typically made of wood or plastic. Plastic toilet seats are cheaper than wood and come in a variety of colors and designs to spruce up a bathroom. Does this Spark an idea?



Polymers from vinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic, and polypropylene and polyresin are common materials for plastic toilet seats. White is the classic color for these toilet seats, although specialty colors and designs exist.



Plastic toilets seats can have cushioned lids with molded designs like shells, starfish or flowers, while clear seats are sometimes embedded with decorative objects. The seats also allow for color matching with shower curtains or another bathroom décor.



Cleaning plastic toilets seats is typically easier than wood seats. Chemicals do not generally ruin the finish on plastic seats like wood ones. Additionally, moisture does not ruin plastic toilet seats, whereas wood seats can split or warp.


When It Comes to Plastic Toilet Seats Kohler Rules the Market


There are wood toilet seats and there are plastic toilet seats. Both are great, but if you’re going to buy a plastic one, then you want a Kohler brand toilet seat. 


Plastic seats are often less expensive than wood ones, and this is one good selling point if you want to save some money on your bathroom accessories. And toilet seats made from plastic perform just as well as wood ones. 


But there are some things you need to remember about plastic seats because they aren’t all created equally. When you get a Kohler seat that is made from solid polypropylene, you get one that is made from very sturdy molded plastic. Not all seats made from plastic are this as sturdy as a Kohler seat. This plastic will resist chipping, fading peeling and staining, so you can feel confident that it’s going to look great in your bathroom for years to come. And it’s very easy to keep clean. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, along with some nice features you can pick, you’ll know you’re getting the very best. 


The Kohler name has been a standard in bathroom and kitchen fixtures since the early 1900s and the company continues to produce fixtures and accessories that other manufacturers look to as examples of the good quality tankless toilet. If you’re equipping your home bathrooms with plastic toilet seats, make sure you look to the Kohler brand for comfort, reliability, and style. Kohler is the market leader!


If you’re on a Budget Replace Your Old Toilet Seat with an Economy Plastic Toilet Seat


Plastic toilet seats are available in a range of prices. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, you’ll want to take a look at the economy toilet seats that are available in plastic. These toilet seats combine style, color, and comfort to make your bathroom an attractive and pleasant place. 


Maybe you’re redecorating or have just moved into your new home. Or possibly you’re fixing things up a bit in an effort to sell your home. Regardless, you’ll find that one of the first things you can do to make a home look great is to pay close attention to bathroom décor. It’s true that people prefer to use a bathroom that looks clean, stylish and put together. Part of that is choosing a toilet seat that makes your toilet look neat and even inviting. 


Budget-wise, an inexpensive toilet seat made from plastic can make a lot of sense. They look good, do the job, and let you use the money you save for other things. They can be purchased in round or elongated styles, with open or closed seat fronts. You can get them in colors from white to pink to blue to black, among others. Some have molded covers. 


When it’s time to replace old worn out toilet seats, don’t hesitate to protect your budget with economy seats. The economy doesn’t mean cheap. It means that you’re using your money wisely to get the best bang for your buck. With many options and choices, you can find great economy plastic toilet seats that will be perfect with your bathrooms. 


What Are the Top 5 Bestselling Plastic Toilet Seats?


Plastic toilet seats come in a wide array of colors and with many features, so it might be hard to decide which is best for your bathroom. Taking a look at the top 5 bestselling toilet seats could help you pick the right one for you. 


If you’re looking for something that is a bit different, you’ll like an opaque plastic toilet seat that has bubbles suspended in it. The blue bubbles deluxe toilet seat looks great in a watery blue color with bubbles in both the seat and cover. It’s easy to install on standard-size bowls. 


If you are looking for something that features simple styling for a round toilet bowl, the K-4689-0 Cachet seat is perfect. It is made from solid polypropylene and is resistant to damage and fading. Ergonomically contoured, it offers comfortable seating. 


For the budget conscious shopper, the 1200-301 Centoco plastic seats make sense. This seat is stylish, with clean lines and will look great in any bathroom. Installation and cleaning is a breeze with this toilet seat. 


The rectangular and elongated styling of the C1B3E9S-01 New Emblem plastic seat will give any bathroom a sleek look. It is made from durable polypropylene and has an EZ Close feature that means that the seat and lid will close slowly and gently, keeping the noise down and protecting fingers. 


If you are decorating a feminine or shabby chic bathroom, check out the round C1B3R3-20 Comfort Seats toilet seat in Venetian Pink. The color won’t fade because ultra-violet protection has been molded into each seat. It’s durable, easy to install, and designed for both comfort and quality. 


If you’re shopping for plastic toilet seats, be sure to take a look at these 5 top sellers.

Cuisinart food processors

Many people have realized the health benefits of preparing food from the comforts of their homes. However, the tasks involved in food preparation can sometimes be quite discouraging. Today’s food preparation methods have made the task a joy rather than a chore, especially if you have the right kitchen appliances to give you a helping hand. A good example is the wide range of Cuisinart food processors. These are appliances guaranteed to reduce the time you spend preparing food and increasing your efficiency in the kitchen.

Cuisinart is a popular brand whose name aptly translates to “food preparation” and has been in the market since the early 1970s. There are many Cuisinart models of different sizes, versatility levels, and prices in the market. The bottom line is each of these models is guaranteed to make cutting, chopping, and other complex mixing tasks much easier. The brand has been so successful that they branched into manufacturing other kitchen appliances such as waffle irons, sandwich makers, blenders and coffee makers.

Benefits of using Cuisinart food processors in your kitchen

This line of food processors comes with many benefits and advantages to make your cooking and baking an enjoyable task. Consider the following few examples:

  • Time-saving appliances

A Cuisinart food processor will save you lots of time when preparing your favorite meals. Formerly tedious tasks such as chopping, slicing, and grating are completed in a matter of seconds using this appliance. You will find it quite convenient when you need to prepare a simple cuisine in the shortest time possible.

  • Ergonomic design

The appliances are basically designed to cause less stress and strain on your fingers and wrist especially after working in the kitchen for a long time. They are safe and do not come with rough edges that might graze or injure your hands.

  • Provides a fast way of making healthy snacks

Having a Cuisinart food processor in your kitchen eliminates the need to rush to the local convenience for a quick snack. With all the chopping, mincing, and slicing tasks taken care of you can prepare any type of snack just as well as the professionals do.

Wide range of capacities

Cuisinart food processors are recognized for their range of capacity. In fact, the largest food processor in the market today is the Cuisinart DLC-2014 model which can make three pounds of dough or even grate more than 10 cups of cheese. For a home that does not need a large capacity food processor, the small 7-cup Cuisinart model is an ideal choice. Each model of Cuisinart food processors comes with different sizes of strong and durable bowls and a strong powerful motor that runs quietly and efficiently.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most attractive features of Cuisinart food processors is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. All you need to do after using the appliance is disassemble the parts and wash them with warm water depending on what you had been preparing. The parts can be conveniently be immersed in your dishwasher because the bowl is shatterproof and can withstand heat.

Types of Ice Cream Makers

Three different designs have been developed to accomplish the same goal; making tasty ice cream in virtually any flavor imaginable. Each model offers some conveniences and challenges, and the buyer should be aware of the reasons to choose each model.

Bucket style ice cream maker


Old-fashioned ice cream makers are still available. The interior canister is filled with the ingredients that are assembled according to the recipe. After inserting the paddle assembly, the lid is put in place, and the canister is set into the exterior bucket. Layers of ice and rock salt, which accelerates the pace of ice melt, are used to fill the exterior bucket. A hand crank or motor turns the interior canister to make any amount from four to six quarts of delicious ice cream.

  • Advantages include the large quantity of ice cream and the portability of the manual version, which can be used in the mountains or in a park.
  • The disadvantages of this model include the difficulty in finding rock salt in warm climates and the summer months. In addition, this model requires more expertise to sustain proper levels of ice and salt, which must be sustained to make thick ice cream.

Freezer bowl:

Gel-canister ice cream makers are convenient for those who wish to fill the mixing bowl and allow the machine to complete the task. The canister has thick, hollow walls that are filled with coolant gel that must be frozen in advance. Ingredients are placed in the mixing bowl and the paddle assembly is inserted. The final step is to plug in the machine and allow it to run until the ice cream is thick and creamy.

  • The advantages of this modern model include the ease of use and consistent results when the bowl has been frozen for enough hours.
  • Disadvantages include the small quantity, the required freezer space and the inability to make another batch of ice cream without having a second canister already frozen.

Self-contained compressor:

The most expensive models are self-cooling ice cream makers that resemble a mini-freezer which are also known as a modern undercounter ice maker. A built in compressor cools the gases that run through coils around the interior canister. As the temperature around the ingredients in the canister drops, the ice cream begins to freeze. This model is for the serious ice cream maker because multiple batches can be made in rapid succession.

  • Advantages include the convenience of making multiple batches without any required supplies except for the ice cream ingredients. Every batch of ice cream is consistently thick like store-bought ice cream.
  • Disadvantages include the cost and the weight and size of the units.

Why You Need Blinds?

Why You Need Blinds

Whether you want to filter out the sun or you just want some privacy, your windows need window treatments and window blinds are the simplest and affordable way to accomplish this. Blinds work great in the home office’s were you need to block glares, and stares from interrupting your work schedule. They are also the perfect solution to provide you with privacy in your living room, family room, and any room throughout your home.

Whether you want to filter out the sun or you just want some privacy, your windows need window treatments and window blinds are the simplest and affordable way to accomplish this. The hard part is deciding on the right type of window blinds.

Window blinds are available in a wide range of choices. Aluminum and PVC blinds are the two most popular and cost-efficient window treatments. Both aluminum and PVC blinds come in 1″-2″ sizes and in several different colors and textures to fit any decor.

If you want a more formal look, then consider investing in wood blinds, vertical blinds, or honeycomb blinds. Each of these kinds offers its own benefits and flavor to a room. Once you’ve determined which style will go best with your decor, you can visit your local window blinds supplier or shop online for discount window blinds. The Internet will amaze you with so many different choices and low prices
you won’t believe.

The Old Standby – Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds have remained popular for many reasons, but mostly because they come in a wide range of colors to match any decor. The popularity of horizontal blinds has increased greatly over the years, making them the most popular type of window blind on the market. The slats of the traditional horizontal blind or macro blinds are roughly 2″ to 21/2″ wide giving them a much different look and feel than the 1/2″ to 1″ mini blind.

Horizontal blinds have remained popular for many reasons, but mostly because they come in a wide range of colors to match any decor. Another reason for their popularity is the variety of textures in which they are available. This is very important to those individuals who don’t want a bland generic look.

Another great benefit of horizontal blinds is the ability to control how much light exposure is permitted in the room. Several horizontal blind manufacturers have introduced materials that filter more or less light than the original PVC blinds. The vast design options available to you also help to increase the popularity of horizontal blind, giving your windows a customizing look without spending a fortune.

Another and possibly the best benefit is that horizontal blinds are possible one of the most affordable window treatments available. Their affordability has made them one of the top-selling styles of blinds, enabling you to have a customization look on a slim budget.

Honeycomb Blinds

Due to their unique construction, honeycomb blinds are known for their superior performance. Honeycomb blinds are also referred to as cellular shades and are made with two panels of pleated fabric shades have become one of the most popular window treatments. The two panels of fabric form air pockets, or cells, which are honeycomb shaped, thus giving these blinds their name.

When raised the honeycombs collapse and expand when the blind it is released. Because the honeycombs or cells from a vacuum and trap air, they provide energy efficient insulation and sound absorption. Due to their unique construction, honeycomb blinds are known for their superior performance. With their soft textured fabrics, however, they bring a sense of luxury to any room.

Honeycomb blinds come in single, double, and triple honeycomb design as well as a variety of pleat sizes and colored fabrics to offer anyone a customized look. Depending on the thickness of the fabric will determine the degree of light control within the room.

Other options include corded blinds, cordless, and remote control operations, which permits instant light control without having to physically adjust the shade

The Benefits of Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical window blinds have many benefits, from flexible rotation, which permits you to open or close them to afford you with endless lighting options depending on the position of the vertical panels.

The panels of vertical blinds swivel completely open or closed to allow full view or absolute privacy is one reason why they continue to be a popular choice of window treatments. Their elegant elongated slats provide added height to any room and work well with narrower windows, sliding doors, or large picture windows.

If you want a contemporary look and feel to your home or office, vertical window blinds can modernize any room. Their sleek appearance enhances any window giving it a unique finish.

Vertical window blinds have many benefits, from flexible rotation, which permits you to open or close them to afford you with endless lighting options depending on the position of the vertical panels. These blinds can also serve as a way of controlling the temperature in your room, blocking the hot summer sun, or welcoming in the sun’s warmth during the winter.

Another great benefit of vertical window blinds is the numerous available types, from PVC to fabric and, wood, and they are available in any number of colors or textures. The only disadvantage is trying to decide which vertical blinds to choose

Roman Blinds have the Look of a Luxurious Window Treatment

Roman Blinds

Available in teardrop or flat fold styles Roman blinds complement nearly any decor, from casual or elegant depending on your choice of fabric. Roman blinds also referred to as Roman shades with their crisp clean lines have become one of the most popular ways to dress any window. Because of their sophisticated look, they can easily be used alone or with curtains and top treatments to offer a layered and more stylish look. Made from fine woven fabrics, bamboo, or micro fabrics, they can be raised and lowered the same as blinds and give you the same privacy, while permitting light into the room.

Available in teardrop or flat fold styles Roman blinds complement nearly any decor, from casual or elegant depending on your choice of fabric. With Roman blinds, you also have several different operational choices that present you with a great amount of flexibility including continuous cord loop, top-down/bottom up, and cordless.

Roman blinds might look expensive, however, they are very reasonably priced and can be made to fit any window size. You can match any fabric valance or draperies, to your Roman blinds or use a material that contrasts them, whatever look you want, Roman blinds can help you achieve it. With Roman blinds, you’ll have an excellent source of window coverings for any room of your home

PVC or Fabric Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are constructed in a variety of choices including durable 3 1/2″ PVC, real wood, or clear lightweight panels that you can insert strips of fabric or wall covers to create a unique look. The neat, streamlined appearance of vertical blinds has made them a popular choice of window treatments. Their sleek lines are especially suited for narrower windows, sliding doors, or large picture windows. Their panels swivel open or closed to permit the right amount of light into the room, and provide you with the utmost privacy. Their distinctive look gives a sophisticated option to draperies for any room in the home or office.

Vertical blinds are constructed in a variety of choices including durable 3 1/2″ PVC, real wood, or clear lightweight panels that you can insert strips of fabric or wall covers to create a unique look. Vertical blinds are also available in fabric, which filters the light to give a soft glow to any room. Each option has different benefits that add style to any room. The hardest part of decorating with vertical
blinds are deciding which style best suits your decor.

Many Types of Window Blinds

There is a long history to the use of blinds in windows to provide privacy and prevent light from entering. No one is really sure about the exact history of blinds, but if the name of the most popular type of blind is any indication they have their beginnings in Venice.

While blinds do an excellent job of blocking out unwanted light, they are also great at providing privacy. In the hot summer months blocking out sunlight also means blocking some of the heat. Venetian blinds are by far the most popular types of blinds, although there are several other types on the market.

Window Blind

Varieties of Window Blinds

As stated above, there are many different types of blinds. It is easiest to distinguish them by their construction and the types of materials that they use. Below we will discuss some of the most popular types of blinds.

Venetian Blinds:

These are what most people think of when they hear the word blind. These blinds are made with slats, most often made from metal or plastic. When bamboo or wooden slats are used they are called either bamboo or wooden blinds instead of Venetian blinds. The widths of the slats can vary, but they are most commonly about 50mm. Wider slats look better on larger windows. There are a two of variants to the Venetian blind which have become most popular – mini blinds and vertical blinds

Mini Blinds:

The slats of these blinds are not more than 19mm. They get their name from their very narrow slats.

Vertical Blinds:

The slats of these blinds hang vertically instead of horizontally, as their name. The slats of these blinds are often made from stiffened fabric.

Any blind that includes slats opens and closes using a rotator attachment which controls the strings running through the blinds.

Solid Blinds:

This blind open and close by pushing and pulling. These types of blinds come with a solid piece of material instead of slats.

Holland Blinds:

These are blinds constructed using woven wood. They open and close by being rolled up using the attached strings. These are best at controlling sunlight and thus very popular in tropical locations. They provide a tropical ambiance wherever they are used.

Pleated Blinds:

These blinds are constructed using pleated fabrics. They can be pulled up to open and usually contain a recess at the top to hold the material.

Honeycomb Blinds:

These blinds feature a cellular made with at least two layers of fabric. The cellular design gives them greater insulating properties.

Lighting Techniques with Custom Vertical Blinds

Lighting Techniques with Custom Vertical Blinds

Since the long vanes swivel to open or closed the can permit or prohibit the flow of light into a room, with each degree of rotation providing a different degree of lighting. The long elegant lines of vertical blinds are more pleasing to the eye than mini blinds or shades. The fine lines create the illusion of curtains and in turn the sense of a bigger space. Because of these and other advantages, custom vertical blinds are one of the top selling window treatments in home decorating stores.

Their flexible rotations also provide the added capacity of endless lighting effects. Since the long vanes swivel to open or closed the can permit or prohibit the flow of light into a room, with each degree of rotation providing a different degree of lighting.

You can choose between a large number of colors, textures, and materials to customize your vertical blinds for your unique decor. If you’ve decided to install custom vertical blinds in your kitchen, then you may consider using PVC blinds, providing an easy surface to be cleaned of kitchen spills. On the other hand, if you want them in your family room, then fabric blinds may be your choice.

Vertical blinds have other benefits than just adding color, texture, and lighting options to a room. Vertical blinds can be used to warm or cool a room simply by adjusting the amount of light and warmth that enters the room. In the hot summer, you can close them completely to cool the room, which will save you on your electric bills.

Determine the Need-Pleated Window Shades

If you want to create an inviting and comfortable look, then the ideal choice is pleated window shades.

You can dress up your dull and boring windows with window treatments, which will change the mood and feel of your room. Each form of window treatment has different benefits and design techniques that are unique to that particular window treatment. Before making your purchase, step back and decide which style will look best in your room and will go with your décor.

If you want to create an inviting and comfortable look, then the ideal choice is pleated window shades. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics, to complement the furniture and décor of your living room.

For your study or den, you want that extra privacy so select wooden blinds or pleated window shades. Pleated window shades in a lightweight fabric will generally provide a warm glow that will enhance the color of the fabric, while still providing the privacy you desire. If you’d prefer a darker study, then purchase pleated shades in a heavier and darker fabric. This will provide the required privacy while creating a warm and cozy look.

For your kitchen area windows, consider PVC blinds. Expensive fabrics will not hold up as well under cooking conditions and the constant need to be cleaned. Before purchasing any window treatments, consider the activities and the needs for each room. This will help you to decide exactly what style of window treatment will best suit each room and provide you with the longest use