Techniques For Playing Badminton Doubles

Badminton doubles techniques are important to know and practice because in the game of badminton you will find that when playing doubles the pace is much quicker, more intense and demands more upon a player than in the singles play.  It is a requirement to be in very good shape mentally and physically, ready to anticipate every move.

doubles techniques

You will find that your hand and eye coordination and dexterity are detrimental in learning to play doubles.  Your reaction time is decreased as the shuttlecock is volleyed back and forth between teams.

There are three types of double gameplay:  men’s, women’s and mixed.

There are several badminton doubles techniques to take into consideration when trying to win the game.

The court’s layout is important to understand.  There are several lines in the playing area to be aware of.  Near the net is the short service line and the long service line is the line along the edge of the court.  The sidelines for a double game would be the lengthwise line on the ends.

To divide the service courts there is a centerline as well.


When using the 21-point scoring system you will have the player on the right side serve first.  There is no such thing as second servers in doubles.  The two players on the team will take turns servicing the shuttle.


Another badminton doubles technique is the rotation, which is the coordination you will use as you play together, making yourselves aware of each other’s presence so as not to have a train wreck.

When smashing and dropping the shuttle, for instance, one player should be in the front while the other is in the back so you can successfully volley the answered shot.

If one of the partners serves high or shoots a clear shot than the players should form the side-by-side formation on the court; this is the attacking formation.

The defensive formation will have the left-hand player shooting forehand and backhand plays and the right-hand player will shoot forehand.

The Attack:

It can be accomplished with these badminton doubles tips and a soft towel grips.  You will want to always send the shuttlecock downward with a smash or a drop shot badminton by utilizing pushes and drives.

Be vigilant with your badminton doubles techniques and for the attack upon the opposition to avoid the clear.  The clear is only used if a player isn’t in proper position and the other team is close to the net.

When your smash is returned then you need to block and sent the shuttle just past the net.

Doubles Play is defined differently depending on the players.  Men will concentrate on the attack and pace of the game while mixed the opening shot is important and the pace is varied.

Usually, a front to back positioning is best for attacking purposes.

Badminton doubles techniques should always include the following general badminton tips.  Make sure the shuttle is flat and flows tightly to the net with a push and keep your racket upwards when near the net yourself.

For even better play, if you can manage a small chop or slice as you send the shuttle over the net that would be best.  For instance, when you chop it shuttle flies faster and deeper that doesn’t allow your opponent much time to recover and return the play.

Always be aware of the others on the court and attack and anticipate and you should have a very successful game.